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Dragon King's Son-In-Law
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NovelDragon King’s Son-In-LawDragon King’s Son-In-Law
Chapter 517 egg knotty
“Is that demon beast… your comparable?” Su Han finally inquired .
“Where’s your sword?” Hao Ren didn’t care about the divine natural herbs, but he was worried about Su Han’s natal dharma jewel .
When they ended up escaping, he acquired hugged Su Han securely . Now that they were protected, Su Han would undoubtably acquire her revenge…
As long as the natal dharma prize wasn’t ruined, there can be no result on the human body . Nevertheless, she lost it within the Demon Seas, so it was a thing quite regarding .
Levels 8 and point 9 demon beasts had intellect, so there has to be a reason behind their worries .
Hao Ren had the bright jade sword and quietly retreated .
Roar… The level 10 demon monster provided another shout .
Although Su Han reacted speedily, nevertheless it still attack her longsword and mailed her traveling by air .
“It’s Acceptable . ” Hao Ren smiled and suddenly decided that he or she would acquire this risk for Su Han .
Su Han sensed the venue of her longsword working with her divine feelings . She needed to control the longsword to take flight through, but her meridians were actually all inside a chaos, plus the longsword only relocated slightly inside the sea she could not regulate it and travel it lower back .
Hao Ren rushed to obtain out an basis replenishment supplement and provided it to Su Han .
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Because this demon beast was like a all-natural dark-colored reef in the deep seas and didn’t possess an atmosphere in any respect, Su Han possessed no idea it turned out there .
“I’ll you need to take the dharma jewel and leave,” Hao Ren mentioned .
Sky-Breaking Bow wasn’t a reputation Su Han made-up these character types have been engraved on the human body on this ancient bow .
Su Han only concentrated on developing, so her genuine-everyday life battling knowledge was far behind Zhao Kuo . It was her first time jeopardizing her existence to sneak in the Demon Ocean, and she possessed already experienced this kind of challenges .
This demon beast received angry, and Su Han’s stealth process was ineffective facing this demon beast .
Dang… He observed one thing difficult .
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The level 10 demon monster had learning ability previously . Hao Ren didn’t determine if this levels 10 demon beast comprehended what he stated, but he was confident that it obtained locked onto him for a target .
Su Han only concentrated on cultivating, so her serious-life combating knowledge was far behind Zhao Kuo . It was subsequently her first time endangering her existence to sneak within the Demon Seas, and she possessed already faced such obstructions .
Limitations were nothing to these demon beasts!
It was subsequently such as a significant reef covering up the foot of the ocean . As it relocated by two m, all of the seaweed and dust relocated .
“I’ll take the dharma treasure by leaving,” Hao Ren claimed .
Hao Ren rushed to get out an essence replenishment dietary supplement and fed it to Su Han .
When Su Han found these matters, she was surprised, and her gorgeous eyes were actually huge wide open .
Su Han was really a leading-tier Qian-level cultivator, which was equal to a Nascent Spirit World cultivator . She was no fit to get a degree 10 demon monster .
“Arrive back…” Su Han yelled as she witnessed Hao Ren go into the depths of the Demon Seas . Even so, she was wounded to ensure she couldn’t even operate . All she could do was observe Hao Ren disappear in to the black color mist of the Demon Seas .
In this particular Demon Seas, there seemed to be not a chance that Su Han would out her natal dharma value into her body system during combat . That has been why he considered she missing it whilst struggling over the stage 10 demon beast .
She appeared paler and was covering up her stomach . It had been obvious she was severely injured .
Hao Ren didn’t know archery, but he loved how this bow believed in his palms .
Su Han, who has been all moist, checked out the bright jade sword . She found that the sword was not at all harmed and rushed to position it back in her body .
Hao Ren had never came across a levels 10 demon beast well before, but he was still happy to risk .
“It’s All right . ” Hao Ren smiled and instantly determined that he would consider this risk for Su Han .
Suddenly, a dash of whitened lightweight flew from the deepness from the Demon Ocean like a busted kite .


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