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Chapter 271 Last Two Spots rebel wealth
“Acceptable.” Meixiu agreed upon without grumbles.
“I found myself just about to get this topic up.” Prolonged Yijun nodded.
Lengthy Yijun stopped laughing after ability to hear Elder Xuan’s ideas and nodded using a major look on his experience, “I am just well aware of that. We have no need for these Divine-class treasures, well, i intend on selling it to them.”
Long Yijun discontinued laughing soon after ability to hear Elder Xuan’s thoughts and nodded which has a severe start looking on his deal with, “I am well aware of that. We also have no need for these Divine-level treasures, then i anticipate reselling it back to them.”
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“We simply realize that many people are mostly rogue cultivators with virtually no qualification. The sect elders have questioned a few of them, and these rogue cultivators all say the exact thing— ‘I simply want to get in touch with ‘Player Yuan’,” claimed Elder Xuan.
“One more thing, Sect Master. It is concerning the very last two attractions for any Mystic Realm.” Elder Shan said a moment later, and she persisted, “Can we have any names nevertheless?”
In the mean time, in the real world, after supper, Yuan said to Meixiu, “The Mystic Realm is originating up and I am very close to building a discovery, well, i will remain on the game tonight to grow.”
“Hahaha! What a lot of idiots! They idea they were planning to overcome the tower!” Longer Yijun laughed merrily since he viewed the four Divine-quality treasures in the grip.
“Certainly, I had him there within 24 hours you asked me. Having said that, Disciple Fei currently is in shut farming, so she will be required to enter the Dragon’s Top at another time,” reported Elder Xuan.
Cultivation Online
[+8,132 Qi]
“Tomorrow.” Prolonged Yijun immediately reacted.
“I became almost to make this topic up.” Longer Yijun nodded.
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“Gamer Yuan? Is that Disciple Yuan’s t.i.tle or anything?” Lengthy Yijun raised his eye brows within a baffled process.
“I became almost to take this matter up.” Lengthy Yijun nodded.
“Moreover, how’s Disciple Yuan? Is he currently exercising at Dragon’s Optimum point?” Long Yijun suddenly inquired Elder Xuan.
He then appeared around and expected, “Do some of one has objections to letting the two disciples partic.i.p.consumed during the Mystic Kingdom with Disciple Yuan?”
In the meantime, in real life, just after supper, Yuan said to Meixiu, “The Mystic Kingdom is on its way up so i am not far from setting up a breakthrough discovery, then i will continue to be from the sport tonight to cultivate.”
Elder Shan then asked, “To simply be obvious, both these disciples are…”
“I had been pretty much to create this topic up.” Very long Yijun nodded.
“It’s Gao Dongya and Xue Jiye,” claimed Lengthy Yijun.
And he ongoing, “They’ll definitely return for the kids.”
Cultivation Online
“When should we have the announcement?” Elder Xuan then questioned.
“I had been nearly to get this theme up.” Long Yijun nodded.
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Listening to Very long Yijun’s command, the sect senior citizens responded, “Certainly, Sect Learn!”
In terms of Xue Jiye, even though she actually is only placed 13th from the leaderboards, she only recently was a Core Disciple 1 / 2 last year. With regard to abilities and likely, she was on par with Gao Dongya.
[+8,132 Qi]
“Anyway, Sect Become an expert in, it seems that there are many individuals searching for Disciple Yuan. It’s also why we’ve been bombarded with tourists of late. Seemingly, they are really for Disciple Yuan, and Disciple Yuan doesn’t need to be discovered by them— not less than that’s what I feel.”
Long Yijun presented a malicious grin and said, “The entire price tag, of course!”
Cultivation Online
“Does anyone here possess recommendations? I’ve been too concentrated on Disciple Yuan and haven’t paid out a lot focus to another Center Disciples.”
[+8,019 Qi]
“When should we create the news?” Elder Xuan then inquired.
The sect seniors there nodded their heads.
“We simply understand that these people are mostly rogue cultivators without any backgrounds. The sect senior citizens have questioned some of them, and these rogue cultivators all repeat the exact thing— ‘I only want to talk to ‘Player Yuan’,” said Elder Xuan.
Listening to Prolonged Yijun’s control, the sect elders responded, “Of course, Sect Learn!”


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